Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pictures of my rug.....

Ok...I admit...I need a new camera..or maybe some lessons in how to take great pictures...but you get the idea. These pictures don't do the rug justice. The woman who bought the rug loved it....which makes me so happy (and proud!!)
She said it will match her kitchen and she couldn't wait to get it home!!  I believe the final measurements were:

     30"l x 24 1/2w....perfect for in front of her kitchen sink.

Now i am starting on my next rug...Pink and Black...for a little girls room. I hope they are just as happy as my other customers. If anyone is interested in buying one..just email me or leave me a comment and we can chat! Or maybe you would like to try making one...i can help you along!! 
I can't wait to finish the snowflake garland i am creating....i'm more than half way there!! I hope i can post some pics of it....i think it is going to turn out gorgeous! Don't you love when you create something and it turns out more wonderful than you thought??

                          Joyous!!! Joyous!!! Joyous!!!
Its why i love to make things with my gives me joy to know that i can create what i dream ...and that other people may enjoy it too!!!

Until another day...

May God bless you in all you do!!

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