Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First day of summer!!

Yeah!!!!  It's the first day of summer!! The longest day of the year!
I really wanted to take the littles to the park and have our first "picnic" of the year....but you know Michigan...the weather didn't cooperate....AGAIN!  

My littlest one asked that we get a "real" picnic basket this summer....and i thought " If that is all it takes to make his summer memorable....then why not?"  He was so thrilled!!
He is the one with glasses....the other cutie is one of his best friends...and cousins..Bradley! They love to play together and get into mischief...can't you tell by those grins??  

The weather here has been pretty comfortable so far...just warm enough for the kids to go swimming and play outdoors...but not too warm to the point of melting while trying to get dinner on the table!

This day was a scorcher though!! How desperate do they look??? Ha ha ha!! We didn't have the time to start up our huge pool so we let the kids set up this kiddie pool....and it was so hot they couldn't wait to get in! I was sitting in the air-conditioned house like any good mother would do! Can't have me melting out there too....who would take care of all my chores??  Hee hee!

Finished another rug....the camoflauge one i was making for my brother-in-law. That one was a pain. I tore up some of his old, worn out shirts that he didn't want to part with and added it in with a brown sheet. Using different fabrics was more trouble than i thought. I will definitely think twice before agreeing to do that again.  Here it is...even though you can't see the true colors...it did turn out nice:
Now i am working on a new one...using animal print flannel sheets. I love working with flannel Sheets!! They are so easy to tear and they flow really well when making the rug. And they are very durable. I'm trying to get a nice stock of them done so i can have a booth at a craft fair this fall. I love working the craft fairs...with some help of course!   I also want to make some hand hooked rugs...but i don't have tons of time to get all this done....and i haven't finished a hooked project yet. The wool can be so expensive and i am leary of buying some if i don't really get into the process. You need time and patience.....and it seems i don't have much of either right now!! 

Just a little note: I have been doing ok with my health lately. I have lost another 3 lbs so far and i have been walking two miles at least three times a week. Having a walking buddy who feels and eats like me has helped me a great deal!! WE are so much alike it is scary!! Hee hee!!
I go see the doc in July and he wanted me to lose at least another 10lbs....i hope he isn't disappointed...but i am trying and i feel i am learning how to live a better life...not just be on some silly diet that i will certainly not follow for long...as has been the case in the past!
So wish me luck....that he doesn't want to put me on more meds...i hate taking pills...its bad enough i have to take the one for blood pressure! 
Until later...

May God bless you in all you do!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I am back!!! Sorry it has been so long...and its going to be a few more days until i can post some "real" things...but i couldn't access my blog!!! Can you believe that???  I have so many things to share:

Aiden had his kindergarten graduation ceremony.

I finished my camoflage rug.

We have inquired about constructing on our property(finally!)

Summer officially begins here in a week ( have to admit..i'm not ready!!)
And so much more!!
I am so glad that i have finally fixed the problem!! I have missed all my blog world friends...and i hope you have missed me!!

May God bless you in all you do!!