Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teachers Appreciation Week!!!

In times like these....where there is no money for the schools and teachers are losing their jobs every year...i feel it is very important to let Good teachers know they are course this crafty girl had to get i don't already have enough on my plate!! Hee hee!! 

I have two littles that attend school...we won't even talk about the older one...she would kill me if i made something for her teachers...LOL!!  That means two gifts...well..budgets aren't just tight in the schools ya we had to get clever!! And i believe we have already discussed how i like to play in "blogland"!! Oh the ideas!!  I wish i could remember the blog i got this idea from...but of course....i can't..but i want to give credit where it is due. 

 These are for my daughter Anne's teacher...Mrs. Duncan! She has such a way of teaching that makes the kids feel special and important. She challenges them and i really appreciate her...she is a hoot too!! We totally click and i LOVE that!!

 These are for my son Aiden's teacher....Mrs. Shown! She really has a talent working with little 5 yr. olds. I volunteer in her room all the time and can't believe she does this everyday!! Hee hee!! The children ADORE her and listen to her every word!! God bless women like her!! 
To make the plaques...i just took a thin board (Bought mine at Walmart) glued some pretty paper on the front..glued another piece of paper on that(after i wrote the cute little words after their letters. The kids thought of the words and i copied them!!) Then i top coated it with decoupage glue to make it last. Drilled some holes and added a ribbon. So fast and easy but it makes a great impact. Its something they can take home or hang in the classroom!! 
The cards were just as fast and easy!!! I folded some cardstock, trimmed the one side with my decorative scissors, glued a piece of decorative paper on the front (i matched the paper to the paper from their plaque!). Then i glued a gerber daisy on top of the paper. When that dried i wrote the saying inside! I thought it was such a clever way to say "thank You!!"  Don't you??  
I hope they like them....i know my littles can't wait to give them their presents.

                      SO TO ALL YOU TEACHERS OUT THERE:

                THANK    YOU AND GOD BLESS!!!
 Not everyone could do the jobs you do and you are truly appreciated...even if you aren't always told!!

May God bless you in all you do!!