Monday, March 28, 2011


Today i weighed in..... I lost 1 pound since last week!! My heart is excited ....but my mind is freaking out!!  I have 3 weeks to lose at least 10 pounds before i see my doctor again!! Oh no!!! He is going to know that i haven't followed my 1200 calorie diet to the dot and i haven't walked my 2 miles in at least 2 weeks!! I really am scared!! 

I was very adamant that i not take pills....and he said if i followed what he said i wouldn't have too........


It took me this long to get fat and is going to take a looooooooooooooooong time to get me skinny and healthy!!!!!!!
I took my blood pressure today and it was 110 over 78!!!! That is so awesome!!!

My starting blood pressure was 180 over 102....give or take...depending on when i took at least that has improved! 
but i just can't seem to stay motivated on the weightloss track....not sure why....i really want to lose weight...know i need to...but sabotage myself everytime!! Why would that be??  
If i figure that out...i may be able to actually stay on track!! LOL!!

Maybe if Spring would actually get here....i could take long walks and enjoy it....ahhhhh......a girl can dream can't she? i am....just took a homemade apple pie out of the you know i have to try a warm piece with vanilla ice cream on top....what kind of baker would i be if i didn't??? Ha ha ha!

I hope my doctor has patience.....and a sense of humor...or we might not have a great relationship!!! LOL!!!

May God bless you in all you do....

And say a Weightloss prayer for me!!!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I was not raised to be racist or to judge people by what they have or don't have....I guess that's why it makes me mad when people judge me.  Yes...i may drive an older car...and yes....i may live in the neighborhood Mobile home park...but what does that say about me really??  What i know for truth is that people "think" they know you by your outer appearance....and its not fair!! I don't really want to go into the whole situation...but i had an encounter today that rubbed me the wrong way and i needed to vent! 

                         So Thank You For Listening!!!

   The weather here is awful.....raining and cold as all h#@!....The calendar says spring...but the weather says winter.....BLAHHHH!!!
At least we didn't get the freezing rain and snow that other parts of Michigan got today....i don't think i can handle another snowflake!! 
How is the weather in your neck of the woods?? I heard some parts of the country are in the nice and comfy 70's.... You lucky dogs!!! 

Isn't this soooo beautiful??? Can't wait until we can see this in our yards again!! My heart is truly aching for springtime....winter seemed to be so harsh this year.....and a nice warm breeze flowing thru my windows is just what this girl needs!! 

                              So here's to mother nature...may she quit teasing us with it and bring it on all ready!!!!

Until  next time...

May God bless you in all you do..


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Having fun.....

Sorry i haven't posted in awhile, but i have been completely consumed with projects....for school and volunteer work. Both areas bring me alot of happiness and fulfillment. It makes me happy to know i can help!!!

BUT....It does take alot of time and work....and i usually have to put off other projects i would like to get done for myself....oh the sacrifices we make!! LOL!!!

The other day i got to play around with a project i have been wanting to do....turning some old t-shirts into yarn....a project i found while blogging of course!! (The blogging world can be dangerous for crafters like me!!! )

I had some old t-shirts i cut them up and made them into yarn!! Oh how the little things in life excite me....Truly they do!!

I hope to take the balls of t-shirt yarn and make them into miniature rugs that i plan to donate to the local humane society....they put them in the animals cages to make them more comfortable!! Isn't that sweet!! Taking unused things and giving them a purpose in life??  Now that's what i call having fun!!!!

It amazes me that someone looked at an old t-shirt and thought to themselves..."i bet i could make that into yarn!".....what a brilliant mind!! I wish mine worked more like that....but...oh well!!  We can't all be genius'.    

Isn't it neat though that turns out?? It was so much fun pulling on the material and watching it curl itself in to look like yarn. 
                  Hopefully today i will actually have the time to make those rugs......because......

I have been commisioned to make another full size rug for my sister! She gave me a few of her husbands old shirts and wants me to make a rug for their living room. I have never made a rug using shirt material so i hope it works out. What fun again to try something i haven't tried excites me!

  This picture makes me smile....its my little nephew Jakob! He was dressing up in his sister's pink fuzzy coat and put the hat on by himself!! Isn't he too cute?? The funny part about it is he walked around the house like this forever...playing and even ate his lunch ( can't you tell by his mouth in the photo??)  Ha ha.....he was comical! We are going to have to save this photo for his graduation party photo board...i'm sure he will truly appreciate it then!! LOL!

Guess i better get off ....i have tons of "projects" to go play with! what a perfect sunday in my book. Faith, family, and quiet crafting time!!! Whooo--Hooo!!!!

May God bless you in all you do today!!


Monday, March 14, 2011

New project finished!!!

                                  My newest project has been finished!!!
I had to make this for my daughter's classroom basket. They are having a carnival and each classroom donates a basket....hers was  
                                 "CHOCOLATE DELIGHT"

I can't wait to put my bid on this basket!!! I LOVE chocolate!!!!! 
I dipped oreos into white chocolate and wrapped them in cellophane, then glued a really cute flower onto each one. I then painted a block of wood and drilled holes for the sucker sticks!!! How easy and how pretty!!!!

    There is my new favorite color........ Robin's egg blue!!!!! I can't stop using it!!! I really love it combined with the dark brown and the white of the daisy's!!!
                  Alright....I know.....i really NEED  a new camera!!! Oh get the idea right???  My true passion is creating..not photographing it!! LOL!!

                     On a more serious note....keep praying for all those affected by the earthquake in Japan!! All those lost souls and mourning mind cannot begin to comprehend the sorrow and pain they are all going through!! May God watch over them and give some purpose to all this suffering!   My heart aches and i am wondering one little person like me can do to help.  Does anyone have any ideas???

Well...time to tuck the littles into bed and get started on my new project.....busy , busy, hands make for a happier heart!! ha ha ha ha ..

May God bless you in all you do!


Friday, March 11, 2011

My prayers are going out.....

This morning i awoke not only to SNOW on the ground....AGAIN...but to horrifying news about the earthquake that shook Japan.  My prayers are going out to all those people who are affected in any way. Please take a minute of silence(whether you are a praying person or not!) and ask for mercy for all those victims. I can't even begin to imagine the terror, pain, numbness and horror they are going through right definitely puts your life back into perspective!  Stop worrying about the little things and grab those around you and let them know how much you love is too precious and short not too.

On to a LIGHTER note....

                               I saw the first ROBIN of the season!!! Yayhoo!!!
This means spring is definitely on its way now!! I can't wait....and you should have heard the birds chirping this made my heart sing!!
 I love the thought of spring....planning my little garden...or trying to ...the kids getting to run outside and play with the dog...all the animals coming out to play...the lilac bushes beginning to bloom...they are my favorite flower by the way!!  I can't wait!!  

                              HURRY SPRING...HURRY!!!!                            

I hope spring and all the happiness it brings finds its way to your house soon!! Let me know how you are getting through these last few days of the winter blahs....i would love to know!!!  Thanks!

May God bless you in all you do!!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring has sprung...well....maybe!!

I am so ready for spring!!  Aren't you?? Even though i DREAD all the mud and mess it heart is ACHING for spring!!!

I have created some springy things to make myself happy..... 
Believe it or not...these are rusted bells i bought last christmas season and painted...For spring of course!! Then added a ribbon hanger and a prim SPRING tag.....

Aren't they adorable????? I wish i had hung them together instead of doing it like this...Oh well....maybe next time friends.

Here's another smaller bell that i just added some flowers and ribbons too.....and then of course my little stack of "easter" boxes! Wrapped with a piece of cheesecloth to keep them all neat and tidy!!
           And my favorite painted little pot....i think i have fallen for my new favorite color of the year...robin's egg blue......How  beautiful...can't wait to plant something inside!!

   Thank you to all my new friends who have worried about my health....things seem to be going least before I ate that punzci today that is!! Wow that was so good...and maybe even worth it.......YUMMMY!!!   My blood pressure seems to be holding steady and i am sticking to my new eating habits(welll......almost sticking to them!! LOL)  

                 EXCERCISE ON THE OTHER HAND!!  I need some help in that area...maybe a buddy to keep me motivated...i'm not sure what would help...i started off great doing my two miles a day...and now i think of ANY idea i can to not have to do it. What is wrong with me??????  LOL   My kids try and remind me....but seriously...they are'nt too threatening...ha ha ha!
           'Come on know you want to do it....get healthier so you can be around for us.....what would we do without you??"
See...they try so hard!! Hee hee!!
     I took this picture this morning as we were walking out the door to get them to the bus.  I just had to take it...i was so happy they were going back!! What a weekend we had......cooped up and not being able to play outside can make the littles nuts...which in turn makes the "momma" nuts!! 
        Aren't they so cute though??? My little man hates having his pic taken...can you tell???

                             Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little "springtime" with heart is overflowing with joy!!

May God bless you in all you do!!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Twinkle in my eye!!

There is ONE thing that can always put a "TWINKLE" in my eye....

      Shopping...At the "Christmas Tree Store"!! Have you ever been there??  The deals are spectacular and the "stuff" is wonderful!! I found a prim lamp for $6.50!!! A lamp for pete's sake! I need to "prim" it up a bit more for my liking ....but it was a great find! When my daughter gives me back the camera, i can take before and afters of it so you can love it too!!  I also bought an adorable basket with a tin "flower" sign on the front for a $1.00!!!  Unbelievable!!! I could spend all day there and spend tons..but my budget won't allow it!! 

 Do you have a fave store that can always bring a smile to your face???  I bet you do!!!  

I am almost done with my latest dishcloth order...six made of natural cotton. They are so pretty and prim....i love them. My SIL is supposed to be coming tomorrow so we can make her little "chunky monkey" a fun little onesie with matching leg warmers!! Oh yes....leg warmers!! They are back girls!!  too funny i say!   I can't wait to see her in the outfit. I will definitely have to take pics of that!!! Trust me you will enjoy them....she is a cutie!

After that....i have tons of projects i would love to get started....such as teaching my littlest daughter how to make a blanket..I would love to donate them to the needy, but i am not sure how to go about that. Does anyone have any ideas?? They would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to teach them that your talents can be used to help others....while you are enjoying yourself.   There is no better feeling than to know that the talents God gave you are helping others!!! 

Well....i suppose i should leave you all for now...its time to scrub the tomorrow. They had a much needed four day vacation and they are ready to get back!

May God bless you in all you do!!!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Common Thread....

I Can't stay here long....but its been a few and i just can't stay away!! 

    Isn't it great in LIFE when you find someone who feels the same way you feel about things...or seem to be on the same stretch of life's road as you??

Today i talked to two women who have been experiencing similiar health issues as me...or is on the road and the other has just got off the exit ramp...LOL!  Its nice to know you are not the only one ....and then you can compare symptoms and treatments. Just today i heard on the news something about taking blood pressure pills can be dangerous to your body!! OF Course...i just started taking them and they are helping me tremendously!! 
We chatted for awhile about this and now we both feel better.

The same can be said about finding that friend that has the same views and moral values as you! A friend like this can be truly priceless!!  I have been lucky to find TWO such people in my life. How truly refreshing to feel completely at ease and open and not have to worry about being judged!  Sometimes life can be so difficult just to get navigate on a daily basis...that trying to be someone your not and molding your self into what you think is the "perfect" person everyone wants you to be...Can be too 
Down right dangerous too!! Can be detrimental to your health if you know what i mean!! LOL!!!

Well....its time for me to put my babies to bed so i can have some "me" time. Time to finish the dishcloths i'm working on that is!! Never a still moment for me i wonder my blood pressure is high!! 
May God bless you in all you do!!