Sunday, March 20, 2011

Having fun.....

Sorry i haven't posted in awhile, but i have been completely consumed with projects....for school and volunteer work. Both areas bring me alot of happiness and fulfillment. It makes me happy to know i can help!!!

BUT....It does take alot of time and work....and i usually have to put off other projects i would like to get done for myself....oh the sacrifices we make!! LOL!!!

The other day i got to play around with a project i have been wanting to do....turning some old t-shirts into yarn....a project i found while blogging of course!! (The blogging world can be dangerous for crafters like me!!! )

I had some old t-shirts i cut them up and made them into yarn!! Oh how the little things in life excite me....Truly they do!!

I hope to take the balls of t-shirt yarn and make them into miniature rugs that i plan to donate to the local humane society....they put them in the animals cages to make them more comfortable!! Isn't that sweet!! Taking unused things and giving them a purpose in life??  Now that's what i call having fun!!!!

It amazes me that someone looked at an old t-shirt and thought to themselves..."i bet i could make that into yarn!".....what a brilliant mind!! I wish mine worked more like that....but...oh well!!  We can't all be genius'.    

Isn't it neat though that turns out?? It was so much fun pulling on the material and watching it curl itself in to look like yarn. 
                  Hopefully today i will actually have the time to make those rugs......because......

I have been commisioned to make another full size rug for my sister! She gave me a few of her husbands old shirts and wants me to make a rug for their living room. I have never made a rug using shirt material so i hope it works out. What fun again to try something i haven't tried excites me!

  This picture makes me smile....its my little nephew Jakob! He was dressing up in his sister's pink fuzzy coat and put the hat on by himself!! Isn't he too cute?? The funny part about it is he walked around the house like this forever...playing and even ate his lunch ( can't you tell by his mouth in the photo??)  Ha ha.....he was comical! We are going to have to save this photo for his graduation party photo board...i'm sure he will truly appreciate it then!! LOL!

Guess i better get off ....i have tons of "projects" to go play with! what a perfect sunday in my book. Faith, family, and quiet crafting time!!! Whooo--Hooo!!!!

May God bless you in all you do today!!



  1. I can't wait to see a tshirt yarn rug. It would wash and wear really well. Be sure to keep us posted. And placemats and tote bags and and and...

  2. Your catching the fever Peggy!!! It doesn't take much to get exited about new projects though does it..Ha ha! I don't know how to read crochet patterns so it might take awhile on making the tote bags and etc....but i'm trying to find the time to learn!
    I hope you survive the crazy weather this week in Michigan Peggy...I think spring is coming?? LOL

    God bless....Tonia

  3. tshirt yarn? Law - never heard of it! Thanks so much for stopping by! Looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. Wow! I never thought of recycling old t-shirts as yarn! Such a neat idea. I can't wait to see the rug you make. I have trouble trying to email you too from your blog.... If you want to chat more, you can email me at I usually have it on when I am home.

    Take Care!