Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I was not raised to be racist or to judge people by what they have or don't have....I guess that's why it makes me mad when people judge me.  Yes...i may drive an older car...and yes....i may live in the neighborhood Mobile home park...but what does that say about me really??  What i know for truth is that people "think" they know you by your outer appearance....and its not fair!! I don't really want to go into the whole situation...but i had an encounter today that rubbed me the wrong way and i needed to vent! 

                         So Thank You For Listening!!!

   The weather here is awful.....raining and cold as all h#@!....The calendar says spring...but the weather says winter.....BLAHHHH!!!
At least we didn't get the freezing rain and snow that other parts of Michigan got today....i don't think i can handle another snowflake!! 
How is the weather in your neck of the woods?? I heard some parts of the country are in the nice and comfy 70's.... You lucky dogs!!! 

Isn't this soooo beautiful??? Can't wait until we can see this in our yards again!! My heart is truly aching for springtime....winter seemed to be so harsh this year.....and a nice warm breeze flowing thru my windows is just what this girl needs!! 

                              So here's to mother nature...may she quit teasing us with it and bring it on all ready!!!!

Until  next time...

May God bless you in all you do..



  1. Well, you are still my only follower! Don't let people who don't know you get you down. Remember the story of the boy looking and Ray and the mother telling him don't mess with his kind. Wasn't she surprised when he gave the clerk the extra $800 back she gave him!!

  2. Whatever!! My pride gets me every time!! I hate being know that! Especially when i don't fill the stereotype at all!!! GRRRR~~ And i think ray is scary...what's your point.?? lol