Monday, March 28, 2011


Today i weighed in..... I lost 1 pound since last week!! My heart is excited ....but my mind is freaking out!!  I have 3 weeks to lose at least 10 pounds before i see my doctor again!! Oh no!!! He is going to know that i haven't followed my 1200 calorie diet to the dot and i haven't walked my 2 miles in at least 2 weeks!! I really am scared!! 

I was very adamant that i not take pills....and he said if i followed what he said i wouldn't have too........


It took me this long to get fat and is going to take a looooooooooooooooong time to get me skinny and healthy!!!!!!!
I took my blood pressure today and it was 110 over 78!!!! That is so awesome!!!

My starting blood pressure was 180 over 102....give or take...depending on when i took at least that has improved! 
but i just can't seem to stay motivated on the weightloss track....not sure why....i really want to lose weight...know i need to...but sabotage myself everytime!! Why would that be??  
If i figure that out...i may be able to actually stay on track!! LOL!!

Maybe if Spring would actually get here....i could take long walks and enjoy it....ahhhhh......a girl can dream can't she? i am....just took a homemade apple pie out of the you know i have to try a warm piece with vanilla ice cream on top....what kind of baker would i be if i didn't??? Ha ha ha!

I hope my doctor has patience.....and a sense of humor...or we might not have a great relationship!!! LOL!!!

May God bless you in all you do....

And say a Weightloss prayer for me!!!!



  1. Losing weight is so darn hard. I will say a prayer for us both!

    Debbie K

  2. Thank you Debbie....i'll take all i can get!!!! At least until i get to the doc's office...ha ha ha!!!

  3. Hi Tonia! I was going to email you but it won't let me from your blog. Thank you for the compliment on my bunnies. I made 12 and have sold 7 of them. Usually if I have any items left, I will box them up for next year or use them in giveaways or swaps. One of my goals this year is to make up a lot of items so I can sell more on my Etsy, blog or a show.

    If you ever want to talk more, you can reach me at

    Debbie K

  4. Hey girl! I will be doing a weight loss post hopefully later this week, or next week for sure. I'm down 18lbs in five weeks. YOU CAN DO IT! It's not easy - it just is. Thanks so much for stopping by - your comment was so sweet.

  5. why don't the 2 of us get serious together. It is tennis time isn't it? Not that I lost any while Love you!!!!!!

  6. When exactly d0 we have time to play tennis? But ....yes....i loved playing tennis!! Aiden asked when are we going to play again....i don't think he has realized that he won't be there this year!! Ha ah ah!!