Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring has sprung...well....maybe!!

I am so ready for spring!!  Aren't you?? Even though i DREAD all the mud and mess it brings...my heart is ACHING for spring!!!

I have created some springy things to make myself happy..... 
Believe it or not...these are rusted bells i bought last christmas season and painted...For spring of course!! Then added a ribbon hanger and a prim SPRING tag.....

Aren't they adorable????? I wish i had hung them together instead of doing it like this...Oh well....maybe next time friends.

Here's another smaller bell that i just added some flowers and ribbons too.....and then of course my little stack of "easter" boxes! Wrapped with a piece of cheesecloth to keep them all neat and tidy!!
           And my favorite piece....my painted little pot....i think i have fallen for my new favorite color of the year...robin's egg blue......How  beautiful...can't wait to plant something inside!!

   Thank you to all my new friends who have worried about my health....things seem to be going well...at least before I ate that punzci today that is!! Wow that was so good...and maybe even worth it.......YUMMMY!!!   My blood pressure seems to be holding steady and i am sticking to my new eating habits(welll......almost sticking to them!! LOL)  

                 EXCERCISE ON THE OTHER HAND!!  I need some help in that area...maybe a buddy to keep me motivated...i'm not sure what would help...i started off great doing my two miles a day...and now i think of ANY idea i can to not have to do it. What is wrong with me??????  LOL   My kids try and remind me....but seriously...they are'nt too threatening...ha ha ha!
           'Come on mom.....you know you want to do it....get healthier so you can be around for us.....what would we do without you??"
See...they try so hard!! Hee hee!!
     I took this picture this morning as we were walking out the door to get them to the bus.  I just had to take it...i was so happy they were going back!! What a weekend we had......cooped up and not being able to play outside can make the littles nuts...which in turn makes the "momma" nuts!! 
        Aren't they so cute though??? My little man hates having his pic taken...can you tell???

                             Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little "springtime" with me....my heart is overflowing with joy!!

May God bless you in all you do!!


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  1. I am so tired of rain and mud. I want Spring and flowers! lol Love your Spring items. I love the color of robin's egg blue too!

    Hope your having a good week!
    Debbie K