Friday, March 11, 2011

My prayers are going out.....

This morning i awoke not only to SNOW on the ground....AGAIN...but to horrifying news about the earthquake that shook Japan.  My prayers are going out to all those people who are affected in any way. Please take a minute of silence(whether you are a praying person or not!) and ask for mercy for all those victims. I can't even begin to imagine the terror, pain, numbness and horror they are going through right definitely puts your life back into perspective!  Stop worrying about the little things and grab those around you and let them know how much you love is too precious and short not too.

On to a LIGHTER note....

                               I saw the first ROBIN of the season!!! Yayhoo!!!
This means spring is definitely on its way now!! I can't wait....and you should have heard the birds chirping this made my heart sing!!
 I love the thought of spring....planning my little garden...or trying to ...the kids getting to run outside and play with the dog...all the animals coming out to play...the lilac bushes beginning to bloom...they are my favorite flower by the way!!  I can't wait!!  

                              HURRY SPRING...HURRY!!!!                            

I hope spring and all the happiness it brings finds its way to your house soon!! Let me know how you are getting through these last few days of the winter blahs....i would love to know!!!  Thanks!

May God bless you in all you do!!


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  1. I agree. I couldn't imagine waking up and every thing gone. It makes you realize what you have and that family and friends are always MORE important than any object. Love you