Saturday, February 19, 2011

Its working!!!

I bought a blood pressure monitor today...and blood pressure meds, excercise and the diet are working!!! The doctor said it would take a couple weeks to really see a drop..boy was he wrong!!!

                   It dropped in four days!!!!
I can't wait to see him next time! He will be so happy!! 
It went from 179/99 to 116/74!! Isn't that amazing???

And now onto some more good snowflakes are almost ready to assemble...just have to wait for the glue to dry!!

  I wish i had a better camera...but this will have to do for now! It is made of felt yo-yos and then i glued little crystals on.

 Now i  have to line them up and sew them together...they will be perfect for hanging on my mantle at christmas time...and then i can leave them up with some cute snowmen all thru the winter time!! How adorable will that be. 
I found the pattern in the "create and decorate" magazine. I was waiting for the creators permission...but she never responded. This is her pattern and she gets all the credit!!

When i finish this, I will be able to start my next rug...i have the material already and am just waiting for the time...LOL!! I'm a busy gal ya know!

 I hope the little girl loves it when she sees it...i guess her whole bedroom is done in these colors! I can't wait to see it finished...that is my favorite part. 
I have another order (I think!) from the lady who bought the last one...and six crocheted washrags too!! I better get busy!

Thanks for stopping by!!
May God bless you in all you do!!


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