Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Doctors visit.....

Today i took my husband for his annual check-up...and all was well with him...I on the other hand....

I was supposed to see the doc this thursday..so i asked them to check my blood pressure so it would be on record for then....big mistake..or shall i say MIRACLE!!
They wouldn't let me leave the office because it was so high..they were concerned and thought i should see the doctor a few days early. Well...lets just say i left there with a script for blood pressure meds.  
In a 'nice and concerned' way....the doctor told me i need to diet...excercise...and find a good stress reliever!! I have two months to show improvement or he will have to give me more meds to control my sugar and cholesterol!!! Thought of taking medicine daily panics me!! (That's probably why my blood pressure was so high!! LOL!!)
So now i have to put on my walking shoes and take this "healthy Journey" more seriously!! 
1,200 calories a day and walking the equivalent to 2 miles a day!! 
What a beginning!!!
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...SERIOULSY!!!
No salt...no sugar...what is a food-loving girl to do??
I guess i better sign off...i need to get my sleep...doctors orders!!! 
May God bless you in all you do!!



  1. Hi Tonia, I am feeling that I know you and maybe I met you at TP with your Mom. Anyway good luck with the regimen and when you begin to feel better it will be so worth it. Best wishes.

  2. You do know me Peggy!! We met at TP while i was setting up my booth around the corner from yours!! I was so excited to meet you...starstruck actually...your booth has been my favorite since the first time i've seen it!!! We had to stop selling at TP because my grandma is bedridden and my mother and I take care of her. I am so glad to see you are a friend here...hopefully we can follow eachother and chat!!!
    Best wishes to you too!!