Monday, January 31, 2011

My Dearest Grandma!!!!

This picture was taken of my grandmother a little over a year ago...she was so full of life and humor!! Just look at her "Go ahead and take it" smile!! Now she is bedridden and needs someone to take care of all her needs...and i mean "all"!!
You see...she has alzheimers. It has taken away her life. It has literally taken her.  
My mother took the job of taking care of her full time. My grandma lives in her own room at my mom's house. It is my job to go over there 3 times a week and give her a bath, get her in her wheelchair, and wash her hair. Oh the fun we see...she has become my best friend. Who beter to tell all your secrets than to someone who won't remember them 5 seconds from now!! LOL She makes me laugh..and sometimes cry! But most of all she teaches me. To be more patient, more honest, and most of all more loving. I have learned to live life.
Sometimes she thinks i am her nurse, sometimes just some random girl..more recently i am her sister...but to me she will always be my grandma!!

On a more lighter note...i love to craft!! I am always looking to make something new. Recently i saw a great pillow that great sayings stamped all over the front and then appliques sewn over that. Oh how beautiful it was...and i got to thinking!! I have to make one!! Does anyone out there know if there is a stamping ink that can be used on fabric....or can all ink be used on fabric?? I am going to try and make one of these as soon as i am done working on my latest rug. My newest passion is making old fashioned "toothbrush" rugs. They are so easy to make and last a lifetime.  
Here is a pic of the last one i made:
The woman who bought it is going to put it in her kitchen. She is going to love standing on it while doing her dishes or cooking her dinner. They are so soft and thick under your feet!!
Time to go...i'm working on another rug that needs to be finished in two days!! 

May God bless you in all you do!!


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