Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Here!!!

I'm here...i swear! I know its been awhile..but i have been so busy that when i stop for the day...i really do stop!!

First things first: I went back to the doc and guess what??  
I lost a total of 5 pds....i know it doesn't sound like much..but its great for me. 

My heart is normal!! No bad flaps..not enlarged...no blockages...etc.! 

That is such a great weight off my shoulders. I was so worried that the test was going to reveal something was terribly wrong. Heart disease runs in both sides of my family...my dad died at the age of 42 from a massive heart attack. So you can imagine my sigh of relief!   BUT.......now he wants me to lose 10 more pounds by July 15th.....can it be done...you betcha!   I'm gonna get right on it.....as soon as all the Easter candy quits yelling my name and jumping into my hand from the basket! That mean candy....doesn't it know that i have goals??  Hee hee!!

Speaking of EAster....how was everyone's holiday?? Mine was great of course. Its always about the little's ...doing all the decorating and telling them the stories of how Jesus gave his life for ours. My little daughter was actually crying this year...until i reminded her about how he rose again to heaven!!
Here they are decorating their eggs at my mom's house:
 They couldn't agree about what kind of decorating kit to get...so mom to the rescue...we used regular food coloring..and vegetable oil! We loved how they turned out! The colors were more prim (totally my fave!) and shiny! And how cheap...i didn't have to spend a dime....yahoo!! 

Here's my pretty egg.....pretty good huh??  Hee hee!! I had to get my fingers in there too of course!
As the littles and i decorated...my oldest was hard at work too:
Not sure what she would do if we didn't have access to the internet! i believe she did actually joined us towards the end and dyed one egg....hey...we'll take all we can get...hee hee!
We spent Easter sunday with the family at my mom's house. We have it there because my grandma is bed ridden and if we didn't do it there...she nor my mom would be able to enjoy the festivities. We had a great meal and then hid eggs for the kids....they loved it!

Not quite sure how i managed to get a picture of just my two..but there they are...deep into the hunt. We only lost two eggs...not too bad i think! My daughter won the prize for the most eggs...$3.00! Whoo....plus she found 5 plastic eggs that had money in them! Boy was she happy. Thought i might have to borrow some of that money so we could get gas to get back home!! Just kidding...you don't want to get me started on that subject!!!

And here is my last easter picture i'm gonna share:

Isn't she the cutest bunny you've ever seen?? That is my 4 month old neice Jeri. I couldn't stop kissing those cheeks....she is the happiest baby i have ever come across...and that is saying alot!  Just love her!

Well i guess thats about all i have for now! i received another order for more dishclothes and i'm still working on the rug for my sister...not to mention the games i volunteered to put together for the school. I need to take some photos of those one day..who ever thought these games up did  a great and imaginative job! You'll see! But they are so time consuming...oh well ....anything for my kids and their education!!!

Talk to you soon!!
may God bless you in all you do!!



  1. So glad your heart is ok! I know what a scare this is...hope it's ok that I answer your question here...'Law' is a Southern expression that my mom and her sisters used all the time - I do believe it morphed somehow from 'Lord' My mom would always say, aye law - and then I read the book The Help - and all the black maids said it-and now I can't stop! LOL

  2. Thank you for answering...because i swear things like that will drive me crazy until i find the answer!! LOL!! That makes sense to me...:)